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Dear Fraters...
We would like to introduce you to the Beta Rho Capital Campaign and the mission of having a new house for undergraduates. The goal is to raise $1 million toward the new house 
remodeling, housing expenses, and scholarships.

You are probably aware that the old house was sold to the University of Akron
and razed. The U of A has also given us (free of cost) the former Alpha Gamma Delta / Sigma Nu house, and is allowing us to lease the land for $1 a year. While
the house is structurally sound, it is in need of major renovations, a much cheaper option than tearing down and rebuilding. 
To date we have $130,000 in cash and an additional $126,000 in pledges .

The active chapter is still alive and well despite not having a house. They have 55 members and have won numerous awards this year both on campus and from TKE international. Those accomplishments are enumerated here on the website.

Please consider contributing to the campaign. Contributions can be made through TKE Foundation or the University of Akron Foundation are tax-deductible and more details regarding gifting levels are available here on our new website. Your donations are needed and greatly appreciated!

Dan Buie and Lon Justice

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