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Our TKE House

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Originally the House was built in ( 1969) by the Alpha Gamma Sorority. In 2000 the house was sold to the University of Akron which then leased it out to Sigma Nu Fraternity.  After that Lease expired the house remain empty for more than 10 years. Beta Rho TKE ran into financial issues with the house at 116 Fir Hill which precipitated a series of events.  The University of Akron agreed to purchase the 116 Fir Hill property at fair market value, which allowed TKE to pay off our obligations and also have ~$80,000 to invest in a new property. The University agreed to lease us the property at 464 Carroll Street for $1 per year through 2054, which at that time the lease can be renewed. Also, they agreed that Beta Rho Housing Corporation would own the house if we would renovate the house and restore it to living standards.  Also, within this agreement there is a purchase clause by the University to buy back the house at its current fair market value if ever this option was needed.



Square Footage: 13,600

The house has 24 rooms for students – all single occupancy at this time. This keeps us competitive with campus and other private housing options.

The TKE house is classified as a campus living facility which gives TKE the benefit to allow students to transfer from the dorms early in the semester if desired.

The basement has a dedicated chapter room for all TKE meetings which has zoom capability, as well as a study room,  laundry area and work out space.

The main floor has a commercial grade kitchen which is good for hosting dinners & other events.

The main floor has a trophy/pool room, TV area, formal living room, Library where board meetings, as well as chapter officer meetings are held.  It also provides another study room with zoom capabilities for classes and meetings.

The backyard has a nice patio with grill and social space as well as the Dan Buie basketball court and recreational area.

We need your help for the future of Beta Rho. Please donate to Beta Rho!

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