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Frater Don Brown updates house progress

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The construction has started on the next chapter of "TKE at The University Of Akron."
We are progressing on a aggressive schedule. We completed all Asbestos and mold abatement on the interior of the building. On March 28, 2015 we received the State Building permit. With the approvals in place we have been very busy reconstructing the new TKE House after the building sat dormant for over 13 years. All  infrastructure has been evaluated and modified to the newest and up to date conveniences but in keeping with the building history design and beauty.  The interior modifications are complete and just received the final interior State Building inspections to proceed on the next interior phase. Drywall is starting on all open walls and ceilings and will be completed in 1 month. All interior doors, exterior doors, trim, paint, flooring, lighting, cabinets and tile have been ordered and will be installed after drywall is completed. The interior will be completed as scheduled on August 1,2015. The exterior is also being modified and experiencing a handsome face lift. Roof walls, columns, roof, skylight, stucco, front windows, concrete walkways and porches, and landscaping are underway and planning on the August 2015 completion in time for Fall 2015 school year to start for students. 
I am blessed to have such a professional and supportive group of alumni to lead this project. These alumni are  protecting the future of this chapter, the history on the campus of The University Of Akron and TKE leadership throughout the United States. Thank you for your support.
Don Brown

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