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Retire The Mortgage Campaign

Check Out Our Fundraising Videos Below

Watch as Fraters Bill Rhodes, Lon Justice and Jeff Bowersox speak on the Retire The Mortgage Campaign and learn how you can donate.

Watch as Fraters past and present talk about the importance of donating to the Campaign to help us pay off our mortgage

Watch as Alumni speak on their experiences at the TKE house.

We have the most versatile and fantastic chapter house on campus! We have hosted TKE regional leadership meetings here, sororities have used it the house for fundraisers and other local TKE chapters have held their initiations here!

We obtained this house in 2014 through a $1 lease which runs through 2054! We invested  over $850,000 to updated and improve the existing structure which opened in 2015.  In 2020 the house appraised for over $900,000 and we still owe $370,000 for our mortgage. This mortgage costs $60,000 annually.

The BP housing board goal is to pay off this mortgage for our 75th anniversary which will make the TKE house more affordable for the undergraduates and secure the future of Beta Rho for another 75 years.

In the Atrium we have started a giving triangle listing all the cumulative donations since 1998 (that’s all the history we can find).

We need your help to pay off this mortgage. Without a mortgage we will be able to set up a maintenance fund and help fund the chapter like we had in the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s at the Fir Hill property! All donations can go through the University of Akron Foundation. We use the University's charitable foundation because we get 100% of the money you give, and all donations are tax deductible.

Individuals or groups of fraters can give for the naming right of a room. The specific room you name you will have a plaque with your name (or group of names). Also, your gift will be honored on the cumulative giving triangle in the atrium.


Each Bedroom:     $10,000
Living Room:    $30,000
Trophy Room:    $50,000
Chapter Room:    $75,000

Please give what you can afford.  You can pay in a lump sum, or you can give over a 60-month period with either annual notifications sent by the foundation or monthly charges on your credit card.

Giving is easy:  Text TKE to 41444 or VISIT 

We need your help for the future of Beta Rho. Please donate to Beta Rho!

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