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Beta Rho Volunteer Leadership

In the 2022 Conclave The TKE Grand Chapter. all TKE chapters in good standing, voted to shift from each chapter having a one board structure to establishing 2 boards. The first board is responsible for the management of the assets of each chapter – which is mainly the house and also includes any alumni funds or other assets.  The other is the Board of Advisors, which advises and helps the officers and members of the chapter with the day-to-day operations, TKE responsibilities as well as University relations. There were two main reasons for the creation of these two boards: First the skill sets needed for each board responsibility are different and this allows for aligning alumni skills and experience with the responsibilities of each board.  Secondly it also helps to protect the assets of the fraternity (the house and money) in case of any legal issues with the undergraduate chapter operations. Since this legislation Beta Rho has formed the required two boards:  The Housing Corporation Board and the Board of Advisors.


Housing Corporation Board
Lon Justice
Jeff Bowersox
Don Brown
Chuck Ducey
Steve Knotts


Board of Advisors

Bill Rhodes, BP Chapter Advisor
Stephen Kremer
Nate Newhouse, Faculty Advisor
Dan Buie
Matt Newhouse
Dom Hohman, Alumni Association President
Dave Buele


Development Committee
(Retire the Mortgage Campaign & Fundraising)
Rick Kopf
Chuck Ducey
Jeff Bowersox
Larry Pinkerton
Richard “ Gibby” Gibson

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