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Our Alumni



The Beta Rho Alumni Association of Tau Kappa Epsilon exists to "uphold the general welfare, campus prestige, and the scholastic, personnel and educational interests of Beta Rho Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon" (Bylaws).


"Every initiated member of Beta Rho Chapter, upon leaving college, shall automatically become a member of this association, and his membership shall continue until his death, unless he is formally expelled or suspended from Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity" (Bylaws).

"It is the Duty of each alumnus member to become, at the earliest possible time, a member of the alumni association of his chapter and/or a member of the alumni association geographically located within a reasonable distance of the member's residence" (Black Book)

Membership Dues

"Membership dues, in the amount of $10 (or more) per year for members will be solicited, but such dues will be voluntary and non-payment will have no effect on membership status.

Activities and Goals

2 Newsletters a Year (Fall & Spring)

$50,000 Fund Raising Goal

Established Beta Rho Website

Initiated Scholarship/Awards Programs for Undergraduates

Fine-tuned the Alumni Address List

Reconstituted Alumni Association Bylaws

3 Social Activities per Year

Founder's Day Celebration (Fall)

Winter Blues Bash (Spring)

Golf Outing (Summer)

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